Using the Site

We take pride in creating a clean and easy to use interface that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite galleries at Nude and Hairy. If you'd like to know more about this site's features and how they can improve your surfing experience, read more below. So long as you allow the use of cookies, these settings will be remembered each time you come back our site, allowing for a customized experience. If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the features or this site or in general, please send your feedback here.

Site Features

Toggle Light/Dark Mode

Toggle between light and dark mode now by clicking the sun/moon icons located in the header or mobile nav menu.

Open Links/JPG in New Tab

By default, all links/JPG will open in the current browser tab. If you wish to have galleries and external links open in a new tab, so that you can easily close them and return to where you were before, you can select "New Tab" in the "Link Target" section under settings. For photo galleries, you can select "New Tab" in the "JPG Target" section under settings to control target of JPG files separately from other links.

Toggle Text Links or Thumbnails

By default, all pages are shown with thumbnails. If you have a slow internet connection, or wish to view pages as text links instead, you can select "Text" in the "Page Layout" section under settings. This works on all pages, with the exception of actual galleries.

Toggle Icon Nav Menu

On devices with a screen resolution of 1280px or higher, the nav menu includes both icons and text labels in left column. You can minimize the nav menu footprint by toggling the icon menu only by clicking the hamburger menu in top left corner.

Shuffle Random Galleries or Videos

Click the shuffle icon from any page to view a random gallery from our site. If you wish to view a random video, click the shuffle icon from the videos page, or from a video gallery.

Toggle Column Size on Mobile Phones

When viewing the site on a mobile phone in portrait mode, by default you will see the thumbnail expand the entire width of the viewport on devices 414px and smaller. If you prefer to see smaller thumbnails, you can toggle between 1 or 2 columns by clicking the column icons shown above.

Remember Last Position

When using the back-button or swiping to previously viewed page, the site will automatically scroll to the last thumbnail you clicked on the page, and flash the thumbnail as a reminder of where you left off.

Enhanced Model Filters

You can now filter and browse models by a variety of features or physical attributes on the models page. Filter by age, breast size, hair color, country, channel and more!

Toggle Gallery Layout

By default, galleries show all thumbnails in a grid or masonry style format. If you prefer to view fullsize images, you can select "Fullsize" in the "Gallery Layout" section under settings.

Fullsize JPG Viewing Options

By default, when clicking a gallery thumbnail, the fullsize image will load in a mobile friendly lightbox with options to view slideshow, zoom, swipe between images, or use keyboard navigation. If for some reason the lightbox doesn't work well for you, or you prefer other methods, you can change the default behavior so that gallery thumbnails link to fullsize JPG files in current or new browser tab, or link to fullsize JPG on HTML pages with keyboard navigation.